How many more will die? – Syria, the refugee crisis, and the blood on our hands. 

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They say no civilian deaths. They say there is no other option, and they mask this as justice. The evening news today is a disgusting example of the problems war causes. The US and UK have been bombing Syria for months now, and still the governments of both countries ask why there is a mass influx of refugees into Europe. Is it not obvious that if you start a war and conduct constant bombing raids on a country, you are going to create a huge number of displaced people? Is that not obvious to the people we elect democratically to solve our issues? Clearly not.

We are responsible for the refugee crisis. We are the ones destroying the homes of millions of men, women, children and destroying the fertile land that they live off. We cannot treat these people as alien, as a “swarm” or as “marauding”. No human being is illegal and no human being deserves to be in the situation that these refugees find themselves in. It’s a disgrace on the leaders of Europe and the leaders of countries across the globe that refuse to let not one single person into their nations.

In Britain today, there are 5 million empty homes, but they continue to say we are full. 5 million homes that David Cameron is planning on selling off to billionaires all over the world, leaving people homeless in this country, and wasting a golden opportunity to house these desperate human beings begging to be saved by our rich nations that deny them their basic rights.

Across Europe men, women and children are being battered, gassed and killed by police. People who have lost nearly everything. People in need. People like us. Human.

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