Trident, disarmament and Corbyn’s refusal to press the red button- everything wrong with our defence mind frame. 

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I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now and I’ve been prompted by watching a vigorous debate on the topic on yesterday’s Question Time. 

So first, let’s get one thing straight. The government are planning on spending £100 billion on renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system  ; a Cold War death machine that will never be used in our lifetime. But still people question why our public services are in disarray and are at threat of privatisation because of a lack of funding and budget cuts as part of the austerity measures the Tories are taking to ‘balance the books’. 

This is a weapon that is used as a supposed “deterrent” to possible threats across the world. Threats that are not clearly apparent to our eyes. So we can safely establish that the £100 billion planned renewal is for something that might happen, not something that actually is happening like shortage of GP’s, long waiting times at A&E and the general lack of state funding for our beloved NHS, something that is at threat everyday. 

On this weeks Question Time, labour MP and son of former labour leader Neil Kinnock, Steven Kinnock said that he believes “it is the duty of a government to protect the security of its people” but he also said earlier in the programme that a prime minister would have to be prepared to press the big red button if there was no other option, clearly taking a dig at Corbyn’s statement that he would never in any circumstance launch the nuclear program. This shows contradictions in Kinnocks theory because if (God forbid) we were in a situation where we had to launch a nuclear attack on another nation, the security of the people would be breached and it would only be inevitable that our country would be abliterated. The safety and security of our country can easily be protected without the system and anyone who says it can’t, is living in a world without hope. 

In my opinion, Jeremy Corbyn is a man living in a more hopeful world. A world away from the constant scepticism of war and the obsession with the biggest and best weapons to scare away our enemies. 

I will pose this question to every single person living in this country. Would you ever be proud of a country that would put millions of lives at risk to protect our country? I certainly wouldn’t. When I go abroad or talk to people from other countries, I would like to tell them about a country that is proud to support peace and prosperity across the globe and an end to the pointless deaths of innocent people. 

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