Who do we actually believe? – The many problems with statistics and modern debate. 

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I am a weekly watcher of Question Time and Prime Ministers Questions which will be of no surprise to some people and as much as I enjoy the vigorous debates, they do genuinely worry me. There is a clear problem with politics in this country. Each political party uses a different set of statistics from a different ‘reliable’ source to justify either policy or opposition to policy.


For example, on the recent debate of tax credit cuts, before the election, the Tories promised no changes to child welfare support and tax credits but now have done a u-turn on this and have planned and now had approved  by the House of Commons £4.5 billion cuts to tax credits. They continue to uphold the dogma that working families who have their tax credits cut will actually be £2000 a year better off in this new “package of changes” that is intended to increase wages and move away from the high welfare country that we are currently in (apparently).

However Labour and other opposition parties have come out with a different statistic that suggests hard working families will be hit hard and will be thousands of pounds worse off every year. So who do we believe?

My personal view on this is the Labour side of the debate because I cannot imagine any situation where people who use tax credits as secondary means to live (aside from their jobs), will be any better off. Whether you be a single mum, a disabled person, a young person or someone who is continuous in going out to the job centre to find work but has to live off tax credits because there is no well payed work.

This for me sums up the problem with politics at the moment in this country. At elections, people do not know who to believe so they end up voting for something that in the end do not actually want or just don’t even bother voting because they all sound the same, which to me is a perfectly fair stance to take. But politicians and the media continue to question the reason for low voter turnout? When you do a little bit of thinking, it actually is a very simple thing. No sudden u-turns, no lies and no deception. What we need is straight talking, honest politics; and there’s only one person offering that for me.

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