Not Even an Apology- David Cameron’s plans for Jamica and the never ending effects of the darkest part of our history. 

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Modern Britain is built upon evil. The exploitation of vulnerable people, sold and trafficked away from their homes and their families to another part of the world with only one purpose; to work. To work in the poorest conditions that any person could endure. But why? ~ because it was easy. 


Everything that we have is a product of slavery, not just slavery from the 1800’s, but modern slavery also. Across the world, people are kept in inhumane conditions, made to work for the majority of a day and are payed little to nothing. The latest nike sneakers we wear are on our feet, the latest top shop jumper, the Starbucks coffee beans in our morning wake up drink. These are things essential in our daily lives that are right at our fingertips because of the manual labour of workers in developing but also vulnerable countries where it’s people have nothing else. 

Recently, on David Cameron’s trip over the Atlantic to the Carribean, Jamican prime minister Portia Simpson Miller asked him to apologise on behalf of our country and to pay reperations for the consequences of slavery seen on both sides of the Atlantic (and you can guess which side had the bad ones). But in true Tory style, he did not even apologise for the mistakes of our country and instead is going to build Jamaica a lovely new prison, not for their prisoners, but for our Jamaican born prisoners. Well at least we won’t have to look after them eh? 

This epitomises the problem we have with recognising the mistakes of the past and the ongoing long term effects that they have on nations. The percentage of Jamaican citizens living in poverty is 16.5% and many more living below the poverty line. These statistics only prove one thing. We have wrenched and wrenched the life out of Jamaica, and they are now still in a period of being left out to dry by British imperialism and whilst we reap and bask in the glory of what we stole hundreds of years ago, Jamaica has been left for dead. 

Another problem lays within education. October is the month that we celebrate Black history in our schools. We learn about slavery, about civil rights in Amercia and how things have changed but we fail to dig deep into the roots of this country and the racism still rife within British society. We cannot narrow down arguably the most important and defining part of our modern history into one month. We should both celebrate and reflect on the history of Black people and their relationship with the British. Because without that education, our future generations of children will not be able to respect and not take for granted what they have, as a result of the darkest part of our history. 


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