Suffragette Film Review ~ an excellent portrayal of the history of oppression and a reminder of the challenges we still face

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This entry is quite different to the usual stuff that I do but I feel it is important to also share my views on this, one because it was a great film that I enjoyed very much and two because it can teach us a lot about how we push things forward and the continuous hardships that are still met by women and other groups in our society. 

So I went and saw the newly released film Suffragette, which to few peoples suprise is about the Suffeagette movement that took centre stage in British current affairs back in the late 19th and early 20th century. The film starred Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts, a women who goes through huge changes in her life and transitions from being a laundrette worker to a key Suffeagette campaigner. The story revolves around her relationship with the men around her but also the women who she joins in the fight for votes for women. 

She is a character who has had a troubling past of verbal and sexual abuse from her male boss at work and struggles to maintain a strong relationship with her husband as she begins to enter the world of the suffragettes. Apart from the emotional and personal aspect of the film which sees the breakdown of her family, the film sticks true to the theme of oppression and chronicles some of the action taken by the Suffragette movement to tackle the oppression against women. 

The film is a good reminder of the hardships that women faced way back when, but more importantly is a reminder of the constant fight that is defiantly not over. Today in our modern world, we are not free of oppression against women and we cannot let people believe this is the end of the battle. What the film does do well (without spoiling the plot), before the credits, they show a number of interesting but also frightening facts about the modern history of women oppression which does help in assataining an idea of the wider problem all across the world. 

  Apart from portraying some of the horrid and inhumane things that women had to face and their treatment as second to men, Suffragette reminds us of the sacrifice that people have made to have equality in this day and age, and helps us reflect on what we could all be doing to encourage for example, the closing of the gender pay gap, to see an end to Female Genital Mutilation across the globe, and to stop the exploitation of women as sexual objects, tackling the pornography industry directly and saying no to oppression. 

2 Replies to “Suffragette Film Review ~ an excellent portrayal of the history of oppression and a reminder of the challenges we still face”

  1. While the existence of a film like Suffragette reminds us of the revolution’s origins, and that we’re still fighting the battle for equal pay today, it’s the actual history behind the heroic movement that’s more affecting than the sum of Suffragette itself. That’s disappointing to admit for a film made by women, starring a cast of great women that’s about women. If anything, maybe Suffragette will inspire more people to read Jennifer Lawrence‘s essay on the Hollywood pay gap and incite more change 🙂


    1. Well I would very much hope so! Hopefully it’ll contribute to a wider awareness of the problem and how we tackle it!


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