Order, order! ~Everything wrong with the House Of Commons and the disrespectful nature of modern politics 

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All you have to do is watch this weeks episode of Prime Ministers Questions (28th Oct) to see the disrespectful and disgusting behaviour of some MP’s (and some non-MP’s *cough* Boris Johnson *cough*) in the House of Commons. As members try to ask questions to the prime minister, they are bombarded with shouting and hissing and laughter from members on both benches. This is specifically worrying when leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn try’s to pose questions he has received from members of the public, which Corbyn has brought in to create some dialogue between the commons and the general public. 

Most of these questions are of a very personal level to members of the public, most recently on the issue of tax credit cuts that the Tories shall impose next April, contradicting their general election promise to make no cuts to tax credits and child tax credits. So after a minute of uproar from the blue corner, before the Labour Party leader has even posed the question, he is met with laughter and sniggering. This is a revolting example of the true nature of our elected politicians, with their plastic smiles and false promises. What image does this give to the rest of the world? Certainly not a good one. 

Over time I have formed a list of changes I would make to the House of Commons to make it a more respectful and courteous place of debate. It is as follows: 

-To ban shouting, hissing and the use of the phrase “here here” 

-To have a chamber that can actually seat all 650 MP’s 

-To change the speaker of the house role so that it is not an MP who takes the position, but an entirely different role altogether 

-To ban non MP’s from sitting in the house 

-During PMQ’s, every party in the house has to have a question submitted to the prime minister and the duration of the session should be longer than 35 minutes 

-All MP’s should be fully concentrated on the debate, rather than distracted by mobile phones and other things (which trust me I have seen)

I think that these changes would help create a nicer atmosphere within the house and actually let everyone’s voice be heard. But until then, we’ll just have to put up with people that act like monkeys in a cage. 

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