I’d like to start by saying that the events in Paris last night were atrocious, inhumane and disgusting. The various attacks across Paris have left many families torn apart with grief and sadness and this act of pure evil cannot let us be fearful of going out into our cities across the world. A terrorists easiest weapon is fear and we cannot bow down to that. 


However, at this time of great sorrow and anger, we must not let this hinder our views on Islam. People will take this incident, as an excuse to wage war on an entire religion, when those responsible for such cruel acts are not a real representation of Islam, they disgrace the overwhelming majority of the international Muslim community, and we must stand tall and united with those Muslim’s who would never associate themselves with the war mongering psychotic organisation that is waging a religious war on the world and smearing the peaceful traditions of Islam. 

In the coming weeks and months, we shall be told that at this time of insecurity and danger, it is crucial that we maintain defence spending on renewing our trident nuclear weapons system as a deterrent to Isis and other such terrorist movements, but I shall point out that France have 300 nuclear warheads; and they have not deterred anyone. 


Bombing didn’t work last time, and it certainly will not work this time. The more we involve ourselves in a “war on terror”, the more attacks that will come. Bombs and guns and intervention in the Middle East are fuel on the fire of anti-west ideology and the one thing that Isis will want us to do now is bomb because that gives them the excuse to kill many more people on their path to victory. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the path, and throw the future generations into world war. Communication is the best medicine. So let’s start using it. 

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