Nobody voted for this; cuts to policing and tax credits will leave entire communities for dead.

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As the majority of Tory MP’s begin to turn out against the planned cuts to tax credits and neighbourhood policing, George Osborne has been forced into a corner. And if he doesn’t make that quick u-turn that we are all expecting, his hopes for becoming Cameron’s successor are likely to be thrown out of the window. And as one of todays Observer articles rightly points out, both of these planned attacks on the police and people receiving tax credits and child tax credits, were not put to the British people before the election. These are plans which nobody voted for. Plans that the Tories are implementing now because they knew that if these cuts were put to the public back in May, they most likely wouldn’t have got back into power. 

So what do these cuts mean for us? Well, I think Tory MP Stephen McPartland of Stevenage puts it best; “These changes will hurt [working families on low incomes], not help them”. For me, that is the bottom line. This “package” of higher wages, lower welfare and lower taxes that the Tories keep banging on about is clearly not going to work. This will leave entire communities hanging out to dry. And what comes out of poverty? Crime. But it’s ok, the police will be there to stop all that! Oh….hang on a minute. This doesn’t add up. 


Usually my views on an unelected chamber delaying the decisions of elected governments deciding on financial policy is incredibly negative. But seeming as 1) it doesn’t happen often, 2) the elected government were elected by 24% of eligible voters and 3) it’s refreshing to see lords actually stand up for those most in need of our help- I’ll make an exception. 

So what will the consequences of these major cuts be? Well first of all, crime is inevitably going to rise due to a lack of community policing, people are going to feel unsafe, feeling they have no one to turn to when in trouble and hundreds of police officers will lose their jobs. 

In my mind, I always feel like when we hear the word ‘cuts’, we don’t actually think of hard working people doing their jobs tirelessly to keep us safe and secure and provide a service crucial in maintaining order and peace, and their lives being torn apart by a powerful elite who lie and deceive to get into power, then pervert that power to cut and slash away at our livelihoods. That’s what we need to think of when they say “40% cuts to the police budget.” That’s the harsh reality that should inspire us to put out foots down and say no. To make a stand against this undemocratic government that are doing everything in their power to divide us. We cannot and will not stand for this. My solidarity goes out to the hundreds of people who’s lives are being affected by these cuts. We stand with you. 

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