Red is the new blue; what the hell has happened to the Labour Party? 

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For too long now, we have had a Labour Party who have abandoned the framework that the Labour movement was built on, and have become more and more centralised since the election of Tony Blair in 1997. Although the recent election of the socialist backbencher Jeremy Corbyn has helped steer the Labour Party back to the left, we are still represented by a Labour Party who continue to get in bed with the Tories on issues spanning from tax credits, bombing in Syria, privatisation of the NHS and so many other dangerous policies that hurt the people of this country. How can we rely on the party that are supposed to be the ‘opposition’ to the government, when a lot of the MP’s are more blue than they are red. It’s a big problem and hopefully 2016 will be a year of some progression for Labour. 


To me, it feels a lot like people who are going into politics and into government, join labour because they are not a Tory, not because they align with what the party stands for and represents, but because they simply are not as right wing as the Tories. But that is unfortunate for those in the electorate who vote for Labour candidates because they think they represent the working class and will oppose Tory policy. But actually, for a long time now, the Labour Party has been filled with people who come from very well off, privately educated backgrounds who are less aligned with the left, but more with the right, making the Labour Party ever more centralised. 

The Labour Party was originally set up on a socialist platform to give the working class a voice in parliament. In its early years, it was incredibly successful and it’s number of seats grew and grew and the party became the second largest in parliament in 1922 making it the official opposition to the Tories. 

Now I know times have changed and we face different problems now compared to back then, but with its vast history of socialism and trade-unionism, and it’s successfulness in helping millions of working class people’s issues dealt with, it seems only right that we honour the great accomplishments of the old Labour Party by carrying forward its legacy and applying it to today’s problems. 


They say the party is in disarray and has been chaos since Corbyn’s  election as leader and to anyone who reads the majority of the right wing press, it may seem that way but what is happening is pure democracy. Open debate about the direction the party must take is exactly what should be happening in any party, that’s what democracy is. However, that doesn’t mean openly defying the leader in front of the entire nation (cough* Hilary benn* cough), which only makes the party weaker, which is exactly what we don’t want, as time begins to move ever so close to the London Mayoral elections where Sadiq Khan is facing a tough battle against his popular conservative counter-part, Zac Goldsmith. 


With this election just 5 months away, it is now or never that Labour MP’s unite behind Corbyn and show that the Tories vicious attacks on the working class will not go unchallenged. This is a case of Labour MP’s voices against the majority of Labour members who gave Corbyn his 60% mandate as leader in the most democratic election in British political history. 

The Labour Party is a “broad church”, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m not someone who believes in one opinion and one alone, but open deviance of the newly elected leader can not continue or Labour will remain on the opposition benches for generations to come. 


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