The Jihadi’s next door? ~ Let’s take a step back

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Well, fuck it. It looks like we’ve shot ourselves in the foot again. After countless politicians and media moguls bang on about tackling Islamic extremism head on and with no mercy, we only ever go and add a little bit more fuel to the fire of anger and frustration justifiably burning bright within the UK’s Muslim community. 


Channel 4 seem to be a returning culprit, with Benefits street being successful in stigmatising those who get support from the welfare state, and now The Jihadi’s next door equally successful at demonising the Muslim population of the UK; magnifying a problem to a size bigger than its reality. Anyone watching the show, whether they are from a heavily populated Muslim  or non-Muslim community will watch this and become overly aware of any Muslim that lives in their local area, making the problem 100 times worse. 

I’ve said it time and time again, the more we seperate ourselves and isolate those who follow Islam, the bigger the vacuum we create for radicalisation to come in and fill it. Islamic extremists feed and recruit off the backs of ridicule and demonisation from countries like ours. With a media that is filled everyday with scaremongering and the scapegoating of Muslims, we cannot expect the Islamic community in the UK and abroad to sit back and take this abuse; they will become angry and disarrayed in the countries that they live in. 


It’s simple really, if people don’t feel welcome in their own country, they will find other people that share the same feeling and vent frustration collectively, and in this case it is through the promotion of radical Islam and shariah law. 

This game of 2 steps forward, 5 steps back will only cause further problems in the future, so don’t be surprised if this problem doesn’t just fade into the background noise, we will be living with the failure of western imperialism for generations to come. 


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