U.S. Presidential Elections ~ do you want the good news or the bad news? 

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So far, the 2016 presidential nomination race in the US has been nearly as or possibly even more thrilling than that of the Labour leadership race in the UK; in both camps. In the republican corner, we have been bombarded for months with tragic news that the racist business tycoon, Donald Trump was going to almost definitely secure the Republican nomination due to his increasing support amongst Americas gun-obsessed conservatives and anti-immigration patriots. On the other side of the race, in the blue camp, we have seen huge unwavering support for both ex-First Lady and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and 74 year old, self-financed, socialist Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders.  

But luckily, the Primary results from Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina have proved that the race is well and truly on and tighter than everybody expected. When Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race on a democratic-socialist platform (Just like Corbyn), the media establishment and political elite didn’t bat an eyelid. They thought he’d never stand a chance. But look how far he’s come. In New Hampshire he smashed through the establishments glass roof, beating Hilary Clinton by over 20%, and in Iowa and Nevada was left only tailing behind Clinton, pushing her right to the edge. 

As old as he may be, Sanders has managed to energise the American youth and mobilise them behind his campaign. A campaign that may I add hasn’t been financed by big business and money from Wall Street but by working people who believe in fairness, who want to see an end to corporate greed and balance out the books so that everyone has a chance in the ‘land of the free’. 


So now for the bad news. Trump is still the front runner of the Republican race and it doesn’t look like that is going to change. With the other candidates all trailing behind with no where near as much momentum as the multi-billion dollar business machine, Trump is still dominating the game with his outlandish comments and outlandish politics. 

However, as much as I am a critic of Trump and his outrageous stance on both domestic and foreign policy, I know and completely understand why people support him. He’s the underdog. He hasn’t been drenched in Washington rhetoric, he doesn’t speak in a language no one can understand and he talks about the issues that people care about the most. He actually connects with people because they believe his success in the business world secures success with the Nations economic stability if in office.  

There is some good news to come out of the republican race. A final end to the Bush dynasty. After Jeb Bush’s ridiculous stunt on Twitter where he posted a picture of his name-engraved gun with the caption “America” in a desperate attempt to reach out to the pro-gun faction of the American electorate, plus the wheeling out of his ex president brother/born again watercolour connoisseur (George’s first political appearance since the end of his disastrous administration), it was only inevitable that his tragic campaign has finally come to an end. 

So as far as excitement and unpredictability goes, the election fails to disappoint and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And as the nominees go from state to state making their case for America, the result will inevitably become ever more uncertain. 


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