Budget 2016 ~ Osborne shows his true colours and Labour has the upper hand. 

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A budget for the next generation? All in it together? Don’t make me laugh. Finally the true nature of the Tory’s “long-term economic plan” has been exposed and the end of austerity politics feels closer than ever. With Osborne unveiling his most recent budget on Wednesday, the political and media world have gone into a frenzy, and the weekend has been a roller coaster ride for the Conservative machine, who appear to be falling apart over Europe and over the future of this government. 

Who would have thought that proposed cuts to disability benefits in last Wednesday’s budget would see the resignation of Work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan-Smith – a man whose history in the job has seen over a thousand people either die or commit suicide after being deemed fit to work by his department since 2010. I may be being slightly overly-optimistic, but it feels like the beginning of the end for the Tory party. When a top Tory minister quits and calls the leaderships actions “unfair and un-conservative”, you know something is wrong, especially when that same Tory minister is notorious for being incredibly heartless and to the very very right of his party. 

This feels like the final nail in the coffin, seeming as the Conservative party are already falling apart over Europe – this whole budget fiasco only seems to be understandably making things worse. For a long time, I have been in a state of upmost despair at the prospect of another Conservative win in 2020, due to the leaderships seemingly smooth time in office and there ability to avoid any real criticism from the press. If there’s one thing that the Torys are incredibly good at is making things seem a lot better than they really are – and unfortunately they are successfully duping a lot of people into believing the narrative of austerity and diverting attention away from their unnecessary cuts to our beloved public services. 


Osborne’s most recent budget is full to the brim of both ridiculous and disastrously dangerous proposals that will hit the worst off in society the hardest – whilst cuts to corporation and capital gains tax will let the richest in our country get richer. Billions of pounds of cuts to disability benefits whilst corporations get a 3% tax cut is simply immoral and unnecessary. 

And let’s not even start on the plan to turn all schools into academies. Let’s pause. We are now facing a structural and ideological change to our education system that will effectively see the privatisation of education for the purposes of business’ and corporate money that will profit from our children’s learning. Academies were introduced under Tony Blairs new labour government to improve failing comprehensive schools – and the most part of them worked; but that doesn’t mean everything has to be changed. I am an advocate of the abolishment of private, fee-paying and selective schools and strongly believe that without this change, social equality will never be achieved. 

The more we create pointless hierarchies from such a young age, the more we differentiate ourselves from others up and down the social ladder, which creates isolation not cohesion. 

This budget says it all. Osborne and his rich, Tory buddies are in it for the money, not “all in it together”. 

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