Animal treatment deregulation; is anyone safe from Osborne’s cuts? 

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The answer is no. This recent news about the governments plan to further deregulate the poultry industry so that food quality and hygiene standard checks are left to the industry rather than government makes my blood boil. The Tories plan to privatise pretty much every industry, in the name of “shrinking the state” will leave these islands open for business – on every level. You won’t see a local shop anywhere; just multi-billion pound chains here and tax avoiding tycoons there. 

I read a guardian article which rightly stated the terrifying fact that when this level of industry run regulation used to be in effect, health scares were “rife” within the UK and people were frightened to buy meat for fear of becoming very ill. Foot and mouth, Salmonella, BSE and even recently, Swine Flu. These scares don’t mean nothing, they mean the world seeming as an estimate says that 100 people die every year from food-related disease.  

As a vegetarian and stanch animal rights advocate, I may take a rather radical view to an issue that doesn’t seem too serious to the general public. 

I believe that factory farming is wrong. That’s my view. Animals should not be bred in environments where they have no free space to roam and are forced to breed. As with human interaction, animals should be free to breed whenever they like,  it’s that simple. I believe that there should be a factory farming tax that brings significant weight and pressure down on the corporations that do not care about standards but souly about profit. 

I can’t really think of anyone who actually does not buy free range eggs, it would seem silly. We’ve just got into this state where we don’t even think not to buy free range eggs, because that little voice in our head tells us that they are better and that the chickens that laid those eggs have not been forced to breed in terrible, tight and chlostrophobic conditions but have been allowed to roam freely as animals should rightly be allowed to do.  

To me, this just feels like another pathetic attempt, by the government, to take responsibility away from them and onto other people which is a big problem for someone like me who believes that state owned and controlled industry regulation is best for everyone. But here’s the other problem, which to me is probably a much bigger issue. This further standards deregulation to the poultry industry means one thing. The industry can now get away with dismissing any from of standard, any form of hygiene inspection and can now do anything that will maximise profits. That is the problem here. 

And to be honest, this is a big issue that affects the general population of the UK. When we all get ill after our Christmas Turkey, we know who to blame. 

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