My name is Dylan. I am a 21-year-old History and Politics student from South-East London studying at the University of Glasgow. Since the age of 15, I have become increasingly interested and engaged in political discourse around the world.

The night after the UK Parliament voted to carry out airstrikes on Da’esh in Syria in 2015, I created this blog. Since then, I have been writing (albeit on and off) about the issues I care about.

I was one of four students in my school’s sixth form to create and help organise the Feminist Society, to which I gave talks and chaired debates with my peers.

Me giving a talk to the Charter School’s Sixth Form Feminist Society
(Ignore the bored faces beside me!)

I have also written for other online blogs, such as PRBLMTC – – read my articles, and other amazing writers on Feminism, politics and much more.

Since joining the University of Glasgow in September 2020, I have started writing for the student newspaper, the Glasgow Guardian. I have written on politics, current affairs, music and film and hope to continue writing widely as the years go on.

This is the home of my views. I hope you enjoy!

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